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You've likely heard how the peaceful 2022 Canadian trucker convoy protests in Ottawa (and elsewhere) against vaccine passports and mask mandates have resulted in the government freezing funds and adding additional powers that allow them to take over ANYONE'S bank account for ANY reason.

Protesters and their supporters have already been subjected to bank freezes, seizures, crypto wallet blacklisting, and harassment.

And if you have thoughts or ideas that are different from what the current (or future) government wants you to think, you could be next.

It's time to protect yourself.

Escape Medical, Financial, And All Other Forms Of Tyranny

Mr. X

Mr. X is a former IT & information security consultant, and equities trader. He is an early Bitcoin adopter, investor, miner, and trader (since early 2011 when it was under $1), early Monero adopter, investor, miner & trader (since 2015 when it was under 50 cents), and has experience as a crypto asset fund manager, consultant, & analyst, helping his clients generate over $10 million in crypto asset trading profits.

Mr. A

Mr. A is a former network and security consultant. He was a crypto miner, investor, trader since 2012. He has consulted for medium and large sized mining operations and hedge funds who need Bitcoin custody solutions. His university degree is in molecular biology with many other certifications in IT, security, networks and audio engineering.

Mr. Z

Mr. Z is a former Wall Street trader, investment analyst and consultant. Over his career in the corporate world, he awakened to just how broken many of our economic and social systems are. By the mid-2010s, when he had all but completely walked away from financial markets, he stumbled upon Bitcoin in the comments section of ZeroHedge. Here he saw a path which could help bring honesty and equity back to world systems – not to mention offer incredible opportunity for adopters.