DISCOVER FREEDOM IN EVERY WAY From your Health and Finances to Your Friendships and Emotions.


Welcome to the brink of a life-changing revelation. This is your ticket to a vivid, vibrant life you've always craved. 

Not just some life makeover, but a life-overhaul. A life so enriching that it’s irresistible for others not to wish it was their own.

Here’s the paradox of unrealised dreams that pretty much everybody falls into.

–Have you ever taken a moment to truly observe the fascinating phenomenon of having magnificent visions and plans meticulously laid out, only to find yourself perpetually falling short of making them happen? 

Something always gets in the way: Duties, responsibilities, rent, taking the little ones to soccer practice or some daily grind that keeps food on the table. Those grand plans take a back seat. 

And time ticks by, silently and unforgivingly…

…and then, when you’re not paying attention, time speeds up! This whirlwind of days, months, and years swirls around you, leaving your aspirations gasping for breath.

Every corner you turn, every path you tread seems to promise a fuller, richer existence. Yet, more often than not, you're met with dead ends. The same monotonous routine, the same unfulfilled desires, and a nagging sense that there's more out there - if only you knew how to break the cycle. 

But what if there was a way to escape this trap? Imagine a set of stackable building blocks that, piece by piece, construct the bridge to your true potential and the vibrant life you've always yearned for. 

Picture a path paved with tailored strategies, each one a cornerstone solidifying your journey to ultimate fulfillment and freedom.

Enter our transformative retreat.

Gone are the days of seeking answers in fleeting trends or half-baked advice. No more diving into the latest self-help sensation, only to emerge feeling just as lost. This retreat isn't about superficial patches; it's about deep, lasting change.

The Gateway to Transformation

Every trainer at our retreat is not just accomplished in their field—they are ready and eager to share their personal mental models with you. These are the same intelligent strategies that have propelled them to the pinnacle of success and profound fulfillment.

These aren’t just lessons, but keys, empowering you to process and understand reality with unprecedented clarity and speed, just like billionaire Charlie Munger. 

(His secret: Munger amassed his wealth when he understood the power of using mental models to make impactful decisions about life and investments, decisions that were consistently well-informed and insightful.)

Now, these keys are within your grasp, unlocking not just the doors to financial prosperity –which we will cover – but to every major aspect of your life.

Recognize that the hallmark of a truly exceptional life is when every component harmonizes, working seamlessly together. Wealth loses its lustre when your health is a shambles, and a bustling social life feels empty when you’re broke. 

As a sovereign individual, you need to be able to achieve balance across all areas of your life, ensuring each facet is thriving, robust, and resilient. Join us to embark on this transformative journey toward a complete, enriched, and balanced life

Venture with us, and you’ll:

  • Feel your body pulsate with energy, each heartbeat echoing life's boundless zest.
  • Transform the maze of uncertainty in your mind into an exhilarating journey of discovery.
  • Rediscover the joy of genuine bonds and connections, the kind that nourishes your soul.
  • Achieve financial freedom where you’re standing atop life's peaks, having charted your unique path to the summit.
  • Reignite the passion in your relationships. Feel the warmth of a close hug and the thrill of a spontaneous dance in the living room... All while cherishing moments of quiet conversation under the stars.

Now, if you’re still wondering, "Is this just another overpriced escape that promises the universe but delivers dust mites?"

I get the skepticism. I've been there too, investing time and hope into glittery promises that fizzled out.

But this retreat? It is different.

These are my personal coaches and we've woven in real stories, real strategies, and real experiences of those who've found their true north. Those who’ve shattered the glass ceilings of societal norms and redefined success on their terms. It’s your roadmap to a life filled not just with dreams, but with living, breathing realities.

So, hop in. Take the leap. This retreat is more than an event; it's the start of your odyssey towards a life full of boundless freedom.

Come, embrace the game changers. Let’s paint those vibrant shades of your life together.


BECAUSE... You're feeling the weight of what I like to call an “Experience Anchor”. 

It's like that annoying voice in the back of your mind, holding you back when you're about to take a big leap. Imagine standing on the shore of a beautiful beach, ready to dive into clear blue waters, but something is tying your feet down.

For many freedom lovers like you, this is what's keeping their dreams grounded.

Do you ever ask yourself why, with so many avenues for growth, you still feel tied down or boxed in? Or why genuine connections seem so rare... Leaving you feeling isolated even among crowds? 

Let's debunk a pervasive myth... Well-being isn't only about hitting the gym or checking your bank balance. It's like a full-color picture coming together, piece by piece... Lighting up everything from your friendships to your obsessions. Life's not just one shade; it's a vibrant masterpiece.

To be honest, a lot of people have been led astray by claims that were too good to be true. They've been held back by the Experience Anchor because of promises of quick fixes or easy answers. These short-cuts imply they will free you, but they actually hold you back and keep you from exploring new growth areas.

The Experience Anchor is what compels you to settle, to accept less than you deserve, and to watch life's richness pass you by.

This doesn't have to be your story, though.

So, what exactly is this Experience Anchor?

It’s a big, lumbering weight is what it is!

But let me get more specific:

Imagine an unknown force that slows you down, makes it hard to see, and makes you feel down. It's a mix of old hurts, present fears, social expectations, and limits you set for yourself that keeps you from enjoying the real tastes of life.

There is, however, a bright side: you have the power to break free from the Experience Anchor and live a life full of joy, connection, and growth that you can't imagine.

How then, are we going to drop this anchor?

By choosing to do so, by being aware of these obstacles, and by getting the right tools and attitude to handle life's many chances.

Let's embark on this journey together, steering clear of the shortcuts and embracing the path that leads to true, complete life well-being.

That’s why we built the Game Changers 

“7 Bodies Program” Retreat

You know that feeling? Standing on the brink of something big, seeing all the amazing things life could offer - from physical strength to mental toughness, from great friends to financial peace.

But then there's the heavy weight pulling you back from diving into all these good things.

That's the Experience Anchor for you: that sneaky burden, dampening your dreams and casting shadows on the bright life you know you can have.

Let's chat.

Are you fed up with...

  • Feeling mentally stifled when the world should be an open playground?
  • Searching for genuine, deep connections but often finding yourself alone or bored, amidst superficial small talk?
  • Dreaming of financial liberation but watching those dreams get snuffed out by daily grind and bills?

Yeah, I get that.

And here’s the real zinger: I believe you're capable of so much more.

Why? Because I've seen it happen.


This wasn’t your run-of-the-mill, inspirational-quote-packed hand clappy seminar (yuck!)

Nah, you know that's not our style. Instead, you’ll be diving deep into the uncharted territories of yourself. Think of this retreat as your personal GPS to navigate through life's roadmap, blazing down the freeway with roaring confidence and energy.

And I know it's true because these are the coaches who I’ve worked with and who have completely changed every aspect of my life.

Here's what's we have in store for you:

  • Reignite your body's dormant energy and vibrancy. Feel alive, ready to tackle any challenge thrown your way.
  • Master your mental processes and train your mind to be both an unyielding fortress of resilience and a child's playground of curiosity.
  • Command social settings that invigorate, validate, and challenge you and where you can build connections that really matter. Even if you’re by yourself, in a new city.
  • Learn financial strategies that don't just build wealth, but cultivate true financial liberation. I’m talking about the kind of savvy that enables you to build fortunes in whatever space you call home. 
  • And so much more: Cognitive dynamism, emotional serenity, and yes, exhilarating well-being. More about that shortly.

But maybe you're thinking:

"I've tried these things before, and hit a wall."

"Can I really juggle all these spheres of wellness?"

"Is this all just a pipe dream?"

Let’s debunk these together.

Because, Freedom Lover, the GAMECHANGERS RETREAT isn’t about adding more to your plate. It’s about reshaping the plate entirely. It's about dismantling that Experience Anchor, piece by piece, setting you free to sail toward your dreams.

So, if you're ready to not just live, but thrive; to not just exist, but to resonate with every pulse of life, let's embark on this journey together.

The world is vast, colorful, and waiting. Let’s not keep it waiting any longer.

Are you in?

  • A college grad who’s fresh from tossing your graduation cap and eager to carve out a path that's not only about a paycheck but resonates with an inspiring vision for your life.
  • A divorcee facing significant life changes and in a phase of rediscovery. You're eager to reclaim your identity, harness your strengths, and step into a rejuvenated chapter of life.
  • A digital nomad hopping across countries and the world online. Amidst adventure, a yearning for personal growth and inner connection surfaces. You’re in search of ways to keep your creativity and digital skills sharp while enriching your open lifestyle.
  • A healer who uplifts others as a therapist, counselor, or coach. Now you're on a quest, searching for that refreshing spring of change. One where you can not only heal and grow yourself but also become a beacon of healing for those around you.
  • Or even an introvert who while being deeply introspective, possibly even a creative soul, you often feel out of sync in a bustling world. You're on the lookout for strategies to thrive without losing your core essence.
  • Or for those aiming to live a fulfilling life, marked by freedom and a deep sense of purpose.

Register now if you consider yourself:

  • A tech-savvy young professional feeling trapped in the 9-to-5 routine. Someone who values experiences over things and is hungry for growth and new avenues to explore.
  • A focused parent who is looking beyond traditional parenting. Are you wanting holistic growth for your family and seeking tools to equip them with a resilient mindset for today's world?
  • Approaching or in retirement, but not ready to slow down. You're eager to explore new interesting things and seek deeper fulfillment.
  • An Entrepreneur who owns a business (or businesses) and knows that personal growth equals business growth. You're on the hunt to balance both and understand the interconnectedness of success in work and life.
  • A burnt-out executive or office worker who’s climbed the corporate ladder, but the view from the top isn't what you imagined. You're yearning for a rediscovery of passion and purpose beyond the confines of your office.
  • A spirited solo traveler:who’s backpacked across continents and immersed yourself in diverse cultures. Now, you're seeking a different kind of journey — one that delves into the internal terrains of self-discovery and growth


You should know that life’s possibilities are endless. Show up to our Game Changer's Retreat and unlock complete and balanced well-being across every area of your life. Cast off the anchors and set sail towards unmatched growth, connection, and fulfillment.

By watching this retreat, you’ll:

  • Say goodbye to shallow connections. Discover techniques that turn mundane interactions into soul-stirring connections. Imagine having a conversation that feels like a dance, both invigorating and intimate.
  • Tired of feeling like you're caught in the rain without an umbrella? Arm yourself with the mindset of a seasoned captain. Even when life throws its worst storms at you, you'll have the know-how to dance in the rain and lead your ship through the waves.
  • Discover financial strategies that aren't just about survival but thriving, setting you on the path to live on your own terms.
  • End that afternoon brain fog? Harness exercises that supercharge your mental faculties and improve your deductive reasoning. It's like upgrading your brain from a bicycle to a sports car.
  • Get your passion back. Remember the carefree zest of your youth? Tap into reservoirs of renewed motivation and joy, making every day feel like that first ride without training wheels.
  • Trade in tired fitness routines for dynamic practices that make wellness exciting. Feel the difference when your body hums like a well-tuned guitar.
  • Master your emotions so that Instead of being swept by emotional tsunamis, you’ll learn to surf on their waves. Picture yourself facing a setback, breathing deeply, and responding with the grace of a seasoned dancer.
  • Find your true north purpose. Ever felt lost or directionless in life? Unlock methods to pinpoint your life's compass, guiding you to paths laden with growth, fulfilment and meaning.
  • Become a productivity powerhouse. Gone are the days of endless to-do lists with little tick marks. Uncover strategies to achieve more with less. This means leaps like finishing your week's tasks in 3 days, leaving ample time for play.
  • Indulge in a level of sensual well-being you never thought possible. Explore more deeply the realm of intimacy. Rekindle the fire or find new embers. Transform your relationships into a beautiful work of art, painted with love and understanding.
  • Develop unbreakable toughness. No more crumbling under pressure. Grow into someone who bounces back quicker, stronger, and more determined. With every challenge you’ll find yourself soaring higher.
  • Never again struggle with awkward silences. Turn every social encounter into a magical moment, understanding cues and rhythms that make you memorable for all the best reasons.
  • Break free from mediocrity of social norms and carve out your unique path. To hell with circumstance, create opportunity on your own terms and live life according to your own values and way of doing things.
  • Move beyond superficial experiences in your life. Train your mind to embark on an inward journey, charting the terrains of your soul and the latent gifts there waiting to be uncovered. 
  • Stop feeling suffocated by screens and monitors… Master the art of unplugging, reconnecting with the beauty of the real world. Experience the joy of a sunset without the urge to capture it, basking in its fleeting beauty.

Imagine each of these benefits as unique keys, unlocking doors to rooms in the mansion of your potential. The Gamechangers Retreat is ready to hand them to you. 

Are you ready to step in?

Meet Your Coaches And Topics

Physical Game Changer

Upgrade Vitality


Brandon Davis

“Prioritising your physical well-being is important. After all, ‘health is the first wealth’. My aim is for you to have a great life and a healthy one. If something stands between you and that kind of success, let’s move it. Never deny yourself a healthy body because it provides the foundation for a vibrant and fulfilling existence.”


Experience a sevenfold impact in your personal sovereignty & ignite your tremendous potential

Uncover the untapped capabilities hidden within you. It's not just a retreat; it's a rebellion against mediocre living.


Step away from the monotonous drone of everyday struggles, immersing in an oasis of wisdom. You'll emerge not just refreshed, but armed with rebellious tactics to navigate every aspect of your life –on your own terms!


Build useful social connections that are both deep and dynamic, connecting with other key players who resonate on your frequency. Use this strong network to tap into the collective strength and support of your own community.


Get beyond abstract financial advice. Learn non-conventional money making strategies that can help you transform your dreams into concrete plans with actual results.


Electrify the charge of passion and intimacy. Experience a rejuvenation in personal magnetism that isn't just skin deep—it's soul deep, redefining the way you relate to yourself and to others.


Bid farewell to second-guessing your path. Feel confident with what you've learned and move forward with a clear vision and energy you've always wanted.


These aren’t just lessons, but keys, empowering you to process and understand reality with unprecedented clarity and speed

Mental Game Changer

Maximize Cognitive Power


Jonny Dupre

“Your mind is a powerhouse of potential. Cultivating mental agility through continuous learning, critical thinking, and creative exploration enhances your problem-solving skills and cognitive flexibility. A stimulated mind opens doors to innovation and adaptability.”

Social Game Changer

Create Memorable Connections


Marcus Oakey

“Human connection enriches our lives immeasurably. Your ability to create a network of awesome people not only enhances your emotional well-being but also supports personal growth. Tightening up your social skills is the secret. I look forward to sharing all of mine with you.”

Emotional Game Changer

Master Emotional Intelligence


Jonny Dupre

Primal Game Changer

Embrace Intimate Wellness



“Intimate wellness is a vital aspect of overall well-being. Nurturing a deep connection with yourself and others builds self-confidence, closeness, and connection. My passion is to support and guide you on your own personal journey to enhanced intimacy, to more pleasure, more expression, more desire, more power.”

Spiritual Game Changer

Find Inner Fulfillment


Brandon Davis

“Spirituality is the compass guiding us towards purpose and inner peace. Exploring your values, beliefs, and connection to something greater than yourself contributes to a sense of purpose, self-awareness, and a harmonious life journey.”

Financial Game Changer

Create Financial Stability


Jeff Berwick

“I’m a strong believer in financial freedom and empowering people to escape from the central banking and financial system. Having financial stability provides the security and freedom to make that leap. Learning to manage finances, budget wisely, and invest prudently contributes to a stress-free life, enabling you to pursue those big dreams of yours with confidence.”


Do you ever feel like there’s way more to live out there, and you just want to reach out and grab it? Are you yearning for a life where every thread - physical, mental, emotional, financial - is vibrant, strong, and uniquely yours?

I’ve been there!

And the truth? You can shape that life. You don't have to be tethered by society’s cookie-cutter definitions of success, wellness, and connection. Instead, you can make a decision to unravel the myths, and rediscover yourself in super profound ways. 

Enter the Gamechangers “Seven Bodies Program” Retreat. Think of it as your map to the massive, untapped potential within you. Once you find that treasure you can supercharge every facet of your existence and build genuine bonds with others who, just like you, are hungry for a richer, fuller life. 

So, you might wonder, why a retreat?

Because life is hectic and growth shouldn’t wait. 

This retreat was crafted especially for you—the freedom lovers, the game changers. The ones who are ready to change things, make their own way, and paint their goals with bold, real lines. We get it; you're balancing a myriad of pursuits, challenges, and dreams.

With this retreat, there's flexibility to keep that in check. 

The event happened on February 17 - 18 in sunny Acapulco, Mexico. But now, you can view it as often as you want from anywhere in the world.

Anytime you want, you can revisit the sessions when inspiration strikes, or when you need that boost to transform a mundane day into a magical one.

It’s your personal key to unlocking a life that doesn't just tick boxes, but explodes with excitement and passion: I'm talking about the type of life that others wish they had.

Together, let's redefine norms, navigate the vast oceans of your potential, and set your spirit free.

Don't let this chance slip by to truly change your life. Grow strong from the inside out and build relationships that feel like your favorite stories, meant to be told again and again. All while building a future that's not borrowed, but distinctly, unapologetically YOURS.​

Let Me Give You a Sneak Peek Into What the Retreat Will Give You

  • Seize the life you crave: 

Unshackle your potential and embrace a daily routine where every moment isn't just lived, but celebrated. Imagine waking up excited by the possibility that awaits, every day!

  • Be the architect of your reality

Master the art of transformation so you can turn setbacks into the foundations of your next empire. Choose to build, grow, and flourish, embracing every challenge as a herald of greater triumphs.

  • Trigger efforless connections

Build lasting bonds and say goodbye to surface-level chats. Here's your ticket to conversations that ignite your soul and friendships that stand the test of time.

  • Claim your finantial empowerment

Move beyond just making ends meet towards true financial freedom. Uncover strategies to make your money work for you, so you can chase passion, not paychecks.

  • Find delight when the difficulty level gets notched up

Sharpen your mind to a point where challenges that appear aren’t obstacles, but exciting puzzles waiting to be solved with creative thinking.

  • Discover inner peace amidst chaos

 Find that peaceful corner within you that can handle whatever life throws your way. Developing internal stillness is not about escaping the world, but finding warrior-like focus amidst its chaos.

  • Master your emotions

Feel emotions in their purest form, but never be enslaved by them. Learn how to experience the lessons in joy, sorrow, excitement – without becoming overwhelmed.

  • Cultivate meaningful personal relationships rooted in sacred trust and authenticity.

Explore new depths of magnetic chemistry –and excitement– with your partner. 

  • Build your success plan

Craft a life where success isn’t dictated by society, but designed by you, around your dreams, wants, and desires.

Are you ready to break free from the suffocating grasp of conformity and mediocrity?

Ready to demand more, not just from the world but from yourself?

Embark on a journey of transformation at the Gamechangers Retreat. This isn’t just another event. It's your portal to a life of unwavering purpose, robust health, boundless wealth, and enriching relationships.

It's where your journey to self-realization transcends into tangible world triumphs, where you not just dream, but create, live, and revel in your dream life. Unveil the infinite being within you and grab firmly hold of the destiny you were meant to live. 

Enter our game-changing retreat.

Here's what's we Unlock a Life of Boundless Potential

  • Ever dreamt of waking up with a body buzzing with energy? Not just 'awake', but alive and ready for anything.
  • Imagine a mind so resilient, it's not just a fortress against negativity but a playground of limitless ideas.
  • Envision genuine conversations where every word resonates, binding you to other kindred souls who truly get you.

Why this retreat?

Because life's too short to be boxed in. We pledge a rebirth rather than merely a retreat. This program is designed as a shot in the arm that will ignite that dimming ember of desire into a roaring blaze. You'll progress through life with zest and a brilliant strategy - not just to exist, but thrive.

How much does this type of clarity cost?

Consider those moments of self-doubt, the times you've splurged on quick fixes, or the heavy price of missed opportunities. What if I told you that for an investment way less than what you'd spend on a weekend getaway, you get a blueprint to reclaim your life?

Sounds like a steal, doesn’t it?

Here’s My Promise to You:

This isn't just another course. This is an experience, an awakening. And I believe in it so much, I'm offering a money-back guarantee, more about that later.

That's how confident I am about its transformational power. These are MY coaches, the same experts I have worked with for years and who have transformed my life.

So, why wait? Take action! Break those chains. Fill your life with joy, love, and fulfillment. Let’s embark on this journey together and unleash the freedom lover in you.


Okay, listen up,

Right now, as you read this, you're at a pivotal crossroads. There are three paths laid out before you, and by the end, you have to choose one.

Choice 1: Do Nothing

Imagine waking up tomorrow and it’s just like today. The alarm jarring you out of sleep, the groan as you face another predictable day, and that nagging thought: "Is this all there is?" Picture your family and friends, stuck in that same loop, their spark getting dimmer. Fast forward a year: You're in the same spot, with that fire for more still just a tiny flicker.

Choice 2: The DIY Route

You could grab a few self-help books from the store, patch together some advice, and give life a whirl. A sprinkle of positive thinking here, a dash of social hacks there. Great: you’ll move a bit, for sure. But be ready for bumps, detours and dead ends. Think of the time wasted, the face-palms, and the what-ifs. It's like trying to bake a cake with random ingredients, not knowing if you'll end up with something to eat… or a brick.

Choice 3: The Fast-Track to Massive Transformational Growth

This, my friend, is the game-changer. Think about a life that's not just humming but roaring with energy. A world where chats aren’t only chit-chat but soul-connecting. Every day? A wild ride of thrill and laughter. The best part? No guesswork. We’ve got the treasure map, pointing out the golden spots just for you. Each hurdle, each high-five – we've got your back.

Hold up, before we get deep, let’s clear the fog.

This isn’t one of those over-hyped, "overnight miracles" you might've stumbled upon during a 2 am internet rabbit hole.

Nope, it’s not just another lofty seminar that makes big promises but leaves you feeling empty-handed and overwhelmed.

And let me assure you, it's not some recycled, generic guide to “get rich quick” or B.S. relationship, business, or self improvement nonsense. We’re better than that.

What are we introducing here? Oh, it's as authentic as it gets.

The Gamechangers “Seven Bodies Program” Retreat was born out of the minds and experiences of a crack team of trailblazing coaches.

Coaches I’ve worked with and vetted myself. These aren’t armchair experts; they’ve lived, breathed, and championed a lifestyle centered on personal freedom.

They've been deep in the trenches, extracting genuine, transformative insights - those well-guarded secrets that only the most successful know and live by.

And now? They're ready to share those with you.

Think of The Gamechangers Retreat as your personal roadmap to unearthing the untapped reservoirs of potential within you. It’s more than learning; it’s a transformational journey that aligns your desires, goals, and strengths.

Ever dreamt of waking up not because of that blaring alarm, but because you're too darn excited about the day ahead? That's what The Game Changers Retreat is all about.

  • Body & Mind: Remember the last time you felt free and danced like no one was watching? Imagine that feeling... but all day long. Get that energy back, feel alive, and call the shots in your life.
  • Connections: Tired of surface-level chit-chat? Step confidently into conversations where you feel truly seen and understood. Because real talk with real people? That's where magic happens.
  • Wallet Goals: Stop watching pennies, start planning adventures. Discover how to make your money work for you, so that dream vacay doesn't stay a dream.
  • Everyday Life: Create a day you don't need a vacation from. Go from “same old, same old” to “heck, what's the awesome challenge today?”

Skeptical? I get it. The self-help world can sound like broken records. But here's the deal: This isn’t just another feel-good seminar. It’s a hands-on, step-by-step guide to make life a wild, wonderful ride.

Every year, thousands of people who are sick and tired of the routine decide to make a change and are now making the finest stories of their lives. Why shouldn't you?

Ready to trade in the mundane for a life in full color? Let’s go: Your next chapter starts here. 

Say YES to the journey!

Alright, freedom seekers, let's get real for a moment.

We get it, and so do you. 

There's no magic button to push that instantly makes everything in life click and light up. It's more like piecing together a puzzle – it takes a while, but the picture it forms is worth it. Yep, no "easy button" to push and – poof – a perfectly harmonized life. Life doesn’t give us shortcuts, but it does provide opportunities.

And that's where The Game Changer’s Retreat steps in.

For anyone who's ever felt like, "Is this it? When there's so much out there to explore?", this one's for you. It's like staring at a wide-open field, knowing there's adventure waiting, but not knowing where to start.

The Game Changer’s Retreat is as close to a set of secret DIY instructions as it gets. Here's what’s on the table:

  • Meet our team of "In the Trenches" professional coaches. From brain and body boosting pros to champions of heart and soul, every chat with them feels like opening a new door to growth. This isn’t typical advice – it's wisdom from individuals who've walked the walk and now want to guide you.
  • Go beyond theory with worksheets you’ll apply to your life immediately and will keep you on track for the rest of your life.
  • Engaging Conversations. No more dry seminars. Leap into stimulating tales of trials, errors, victories, and paradigm shifts. Stories you can relate to, learn from, and be inspired by.
  • and heaps more...

Now, think of this not as a seminar, but more like ‘an escape’ – an escape from the Experience Anchor that's kept you moored, preventing you from sailing to uncharted territories of self-discovery and growth.

But, hold on a minute. Before we talk about the value and investment, let’s address the elephant in the room:

"I’ve tried such retreats before and hit dead ends..."

We hear you. There's a sea of flashy influencers, instant 'transformations', and costly retreats that promise the moon and stars. But this? This retreat is about harnessing genuine power, not a quick flash in the pan.

Which is why the Game Changer’s Retreat doesn’t come with a $595 price tag, or even $395. Nope. We’ve distilled decades of wisdom and hands-on experience into this retreat, making it available for only $195. That's not a typo. Only $195.

But why? Why? Because we think every freedom-lover should have the tools to fill their life with the full spectrum of possibilities.

So, are you ready to raise the anchor and set sail towards boundless horizons?

Hop onboard, and let's reshape this narrative together.

Okay, let's have a heart-to-heart for a sec...

You might be scratching your head right now, thinking, "Why on earth are they offering so much value for only $195?" Sounds a bit bonkers, right?

Here's the truth bomb: We're in this for a cause bigger than profits.

You see, we've looked into the eyes of that freedom lover who feels shackled by life's monotony. We've heard the sigh of the nonconformist, feeling trapped, yearning for a life bursting with all the unwritten paths of boundless potential. 

And man, it's heartbreaking.

So, here's our WHY: I believe every person deserves to live a life unrestrained by society's so-called "standards." A life where they're not just existing but thriving. And if money becomes the hurdle, then what's the point?

Hence, The Game Changer’s Retreat at only $195. It’s our way of opening the doors as wide as possible, welcoming anyone and everyone ready for a life transformation.

Now, take a deep breath and imagine with me:

Imagine a week after the retreat and you wake to a brand new morning. Instead of the usual routine – hitting that snooze button one too many times, dreading the start – you're on your feet, buzzing with excitement. Why? Because every day feels like you've got a golden ticket to an adventure.

If you're at work, your team isn’t just clocking hours. They’re on fire, sharing wild ideas and laughing at the crazy yet brilliant solutions they're coming up with.

At home? The kids aren’t glued to screens. They're outside, playing, discovering, or maybe indoors baking a wonky cake with you – all messy but full of laughs. Your partner? Those sparks that might've dwindled? They're rekindling. Evenings are filled with deeper connections, passionate moments, and rediscovering the intimacy you once shared.

And with friends? Those hangouts that became so predictable? Now they’re spontaneous adventures, game nights, deep talks under the stars, or wild dinner party experiments gone hilariously wrong.

Now, push ahead a month. Life's not a drag; it's a salsa. Whether it's turning a mundane work project into a new interest, reigniting the flame in your relationship, or transforming a quiet Sunday into a family fun-day, you're setting the pace. Problems? They’re not roadblocks; they're challenges you're jazzed to tackle.

Sounds too good to be true? It isn't. All this begins with a single choice right now.

You might think this is all wishful thinking. But what if it isn’t? Dive in, and let's make the everyday extraordinary. Ready to lead the charge in work, play, and everything in between? Click below and let's transform the mundane into magic

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I truly believe you're going to fall head over heels for our Gamechangers “7 Bodies Program” Retreat . So much so, that if you don't, I'll give you every penny back. No questions asked.

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Watch as many of the replays of the world-class expert sessions as you'd like, and if you don’t feel it has been a worthwhile investment (for any reason), then send an email to our support team within 30 days, and we’ll refund your money in full, no questions asked.


Get Access to My Team of Powerful Life Changing Coaches Plus Exclusive Bonuses... For Only $195

Here's Everything You Will Receive

  • Instant access to the 2024 Game Changers Retreat replays
  • Instant access to the 2023 Game Changers Retreat replays (we strongly recommend you watch these  first.)
  • Unlimited Lifetime Access to the 7+ Expert Session Replays
  • Transcripts, Notes, E-Book, and Worksheets
  • Much More (you know i got your back on this).


When is the Retreat and how do I attend?

The retreat happened on February 17th - 18th, 2024 in Mexico. But now, the replays are available in our members portal.

It's just like attending  online in our virtual classroom. That means absolutely NO travel. No borders. No airports. No hotels. No lines! You attend from the comfort of your home or office. All you need is an Internet connection and a computer (yes, you can attend on a mobile device or tablet, but a computer will give you the best experience).

You'll have full access to every session, worksheet, and download that you can view any time you want. You'll also get a better deal than anyone who registers after the live event runs, so there's no reason to not register now. 

I registered online, but haven't received an email confirmation or receipt yet. What should I do?

You should have received a confirmation email from The Dollar Vigilante immediately after registering for the Retreat. Make sure to check your spam/junk/promotions folder. If you do not see your confirmation within 15 minutes of registering, please send a message at

To make sure that you receive ALL event communications, please add the emails you receive from The Dollar Vigilante to your safe-sender/white list.

“Emotional intelligence involves understanding and managing your emotions, as well as empathising with others. This skill cultivates healthier relationships, effective communication, and the ability to navigate challenges with grace and resilience.”


2023 Game Changers Event Recordings

In 2023, we ran a 1 day virtual Game Changers Retreat and knocked it out of the park.

That's why, when you enroll today, we'll give you immediate access to last year's event. Plus the brand new ebook that really takes your training to the next level.

We STRONGLY recommend you watch these replays right away to prepare you for what's coming.

We'll be going much deeper, but those replays will give you a strong basis to enhance your experience. Watch your inbox for access instructions.


Module 1

Module 2

 Welcome and Foundations
Marcus OakeySocial Game Changer
Jonny DupreMental Game Changer
Brandon DavisPhysical Game Changer
Jeff BerwickFinancial Game Changer
 Bonus Q&A
TrainersQ&A For Module 1
Jonny DupreEmotional Game Changer
AveryPrimal Game Changer
Brandon DavisSpiritual Game Changer
Trainers Panel Q&A