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Stick around, I'll explain what I mean later on this page.

This is your exclusive invitation to join the elite Vigilante Insiders Club and capitalize on the crypto bull run right at its inception. 

Gain top insider knowledge of how expert crypto investors maximize profits in a bull cycle.

The club grants you special access to covert cryptocurrency, precious metals, junior mining, and many other opportunities BEFORE the mainstream catches on. You'll get guidance from world-class analysts to navigate the opaque maze of non-traditional assets.

Imagine having the ultimate insider edge to uncover fortunes in emerging markets. No more confusion. No more second guessing yourself. The club hands you the keys to cryptocurrency riches - if you're bold enough to take them!

Join now and make 2024 your most profitable year yet. The window is closing fast...

We're not talking to the rookies here...

You've been in the game, you might even be one of our regular readers. You're familiar with the highs and lows of investing and trading. Especially in the rapidly evolving domains of cryptocurrencies, precious metals, and possibly even the junior mining sector. We respect that experience. Yet, even seasoned investors and traders like you face challenges.

Does this sound familiar?

You've navigated the rocky waters of crypto, dabbled in precious metals, and even dived into the deep end with bonds, gold and silver ETFs, and junior mining stocks. You've had successes, especially if you're already a member of TDV or TCV. But even for you there have been moments of uncertainty. Moments where you wished for a little more insight, a little more clarity amidst the noise.

Or how about this scenario...

You’ve strategically positioned yourself in what appeared to be the next big thing, equipped with experience and knowledge. But then, an unforeseen external factor sweeps in, and suddenly, you're blindsided by an unpredictable market shift. It's not the rookie pitfalls that get you; it's the complex, rapidly shifting terrain of the modern investing world. The challenges even the pros face.

Every seasoned trader knows the sting of a missed opportunity. Perhaps you were a touch too late to seize a trend, or maybe you exited a position just before it skyrocketed. The TDV and TCV newsletters are full of actionable information, but putting together a newsletter takes time. Time you don't always have.

Why does it all matter?

Because as someone who's already in the trenches, taking advantage of the right guidance can be the difference between a good year and an extraordinary one. You've got the foundation, the skillset; let us show you how to unlock the next level.

Like VIC member R.S. who was looking for clarity and got exactly what he was looking for.

According to R.S., "Wow that is a amazing detailed answer. I really appreciate your input."

J.H. agrees, and adds, "Just being able to pick your guys’ brains is so worth the price!"

Ready for the leap?

Because, here's the golden opportunity you’ve been waiting for…

An opportunity multiplied several times over by the strong belief that we’ve finally broken out of a multi-year crypto bear market.

It's the age-old game, but with newer assets like crypto, the volatility and pace are unlike anything we've seen.

Here's the unspoken truth: In today's investment landscape, even the experts can feel like they're playing catch-up. The world is evolving fast, and the strategies and information that worked a year ago, or even a few weeks ago might not be as effective today. 

We're not here to preach the basics to you; you're past that. Instead, we're here to share an opportunity to navigate the modern investing maze with finesse, to be in sync with the pulse of the market.

You're invited to join our exclusive club, a secret society of world class investors, analysts, and traders.

OGs in not only crypto, gold, and silver, but the relationship between bonds, currencies, stocks, commodities, and crypto from a macro perspective, and much more.

Speaking of OGs, listen to what VIC member Mark said about our analysts...

"Talk about getting value from OGs… Anyone who followed your advice and bought one of those NFTs has his VIC subscription paid off for 2+ years already."

We pledge to guide you through the labyrinth of cryptocurrency, precious metals, and junior mining investments. 

As a fellow traveler, you'll have direct, exclusive access to sage wisdom, proven strategies, and eye-opening insights of Jeff, Ed, Rafael, Mr. X and our entire team of analysts. You won't have to fear making a catastrophic investment mistake. We've got you covered, and you’ll be able to chat with us directly.

Don't let doubt hold you back. 

Step into our inner circle, and we promise you'll never feel lost or overwhelmed again. The keys to the castle could be yours. 

Do you dare to take them?

Ahh, the allure of building real generational wealth.

Isn't that why we're all here? Tempted by the whispers of the next big crypto surge, or maybe the sparkle of an undiscovered gold mine? After all, you're certainly not blindly plunging into the depths of this market... how could you?

Traditional investor solutions didn't exactly pave a golden road to financial liberation for you, did they? It's disheartening, really. The lucky few seem to glide through it all, reaping rewards left and right, while you feel like you're scaling an impossible mountain.

You've probably found yourself daydreaming - what if you could just stumble upon that rare crypto gem before it skyrockets? Or get involved in a trade like Jeff's epic LUNA trade that turned thousands into millions, virtually overnight. If you haven’t heard about that, we’ll discuss it in a minute.

Or maybe lay your hands on one of Ed’s junior mining stocks, or Rafael’s crypto picks that turns out to be a veritable treasure chest? Poof - your investing struggles would just evaporate.

We both know the path to riches isn't so simple... but let me show you a tantalizing alternative...


It's like holding the golden ticket… A way to join the conversation and chat directly with our entire team of analysts while we discuss our opinions, analysis and more.

Now imagine this - you could unlock untapped wealth without the dread of a financial misstep... without chasing every flashy trend that comes your way... and without falling prey to those empty promises of overnight riches!

It seems a pinch-me-I'm-dreaming kind of proposition, doesn’t it? After all, you’ve set your sights on financial liberation before, but it always seemed just out of reach. 


So, you may be skeptical, wondering if this exclusive club really could hold the key to your financial nirvana.

But let us assure you, this isn't your typical investors' roundtable. You’re not going to run into the fruitless chase of hyped trends, the half-baked advice from self-proclaimed "gurus," and the careless disregard for market complexities... Those days of pulling your hair out are over.

This gives you the keys to the rooms where we’re holding our research discussions… Our debates… Our inside information… Our private analysis… and more.

And to make sure it stays exclusive, we’re only opening the doors for a limited time and for a VERY limited number of investors and traders. More about that later.

And here's a sneak peek into what you'll uncover...

Imagine finally cracking the crypto code... You'll feel like you've just deciphered an ancient language, unmasking the secrets that bridge the gap between you and those seemingly untouchable crypto tycoons.

Picture yourself spotting a gold mine in the making within the precious metals and junior mining sector... It's like you've just found a treasure map, leading you straight to the investments that most will miss in their frantic search.

See your portfolio evolve, transcending beyond traditional assets... You'll feel like a daring explorer charting unfamiliar territories, all the while knowing that you're paving the way for exponential financial growth.

PLUS, in just a matter of weeks, you'll feel a sense of mastery over the enigmatic world of investing and trading because you’re part of this exclusive group...

AND imagine tasting your first hearty return on investment in just six short months (or as soon as next week).

Bold claims, right? But our team of analysts have walked this very path, scaling the mountain to attain their own financial dreams. 

In fact, none of them need to work anymore, they’re financially free. They’re here because of a passion for bringing others this level of success.

They’ve held the torch high for countless other maverick investors, guiding them to their own generational wealth. Being on the inside with these masters will ensure these precious investing secrets unlock your path to success too.

But don’t just take my word for it. Instead, let the proof do the talking…

Thank you to the entire VIC community! You are creating a future worth standing for.

Your reach is much bigger then you can comprehend. Each one teaches one and so on!

Many thanks!!


VIC Member

Thank you so much Mr.X. It's really nice to have contact with the pros I trust. I feel like everytime I ask a question in other telegram channels it's some scam. It is a pleasure to be a VIC member.


VIC Member

Definitely major props on that one Mr. W. I’m usually happy with 0.05 – 0.1 ETH per successful trade, and you come to us with a +6 ETH grand slam right as the NFT channel is created. 


VIC Member

These are just a few testimonials from our happy members after only a few months. When you enroll today you'll be part of our newest batch and we're sure you'll add your own. 

Imagine seeing all of the information we discuss in our newsletter, but getting it ahead of everyone else.

Because face it, writing, producing, and publishing a newsletter takes a long time, but you’ll be getting this vital information in real time.

When you join our Vigilante Insiders Club, here are just a few of the topics we dive into, discuss, and debate every week.


Delve into the heartbeat of global finances, dissecting the ebb and flow of economic trends that silently shape fortunes. Grasp the unseen levers moving the world's wealth and use this knowledge to stay steps ahead of the masses in a format that is simple and easy to understand.


Unearth hidden gems in the precious metals market. Dive deep into this age-old storehouse of wealth and discover how to leverage gold, silver, and platinum to safeguard and grow your financial empire, even during turbulent times.


Gain exclusive insights into the world of mining and exploration. Explore the untapped potential of under-the-radar junior mining stocks, and get instant notifications when we spot the next big find before it strikes the mainstream radar.


Get a full understanding and early notifications affecting our meticulously curated TDV stock portfolio. Understand our strategic picks, their potential, and how they fit into the larger investment puzzle - equipping you with a roadmap to craft your own path to financial success.


Stay at the cutting edge of crypto news and fundamentals. Navigate the volatile crypto currents, untangle complex jargon, and distill the real opportunities from the noise - giving you an unfair advantage in the digital gold rush. And get in on the amazing opportunities our team is jumping on at any given moment.


Get front-row access to the groundbreaking shift in global economics - native blockchain economies. Decode the revolutionary potential and possibilities they open up, guiding you to smart investments for maximal profits.


Explore the wild frontier of the cryptocurrency industry, where untamed potential meets extreme volatility. Learn to navigate these tricky waters, separate the wheat from the chaff, and uncover the next sleeper hit poised to explode in value. This is where life changing fortunes can be made and our team of analysts is on the cutting edge.


Demystify Bitcoin, the king of cryptocurrencies. Unpack its intricacies, understand its movements, and learn strategies to profit from its highs and protect your wealth during its lows, keeping your financial growth steady.


Master the art and science of operational security in your investment journey. Learn to safeguard your digital assets from prying eyes, ensuring your hard-earned wealth remains uncompromised and truly yours.


Step into the dazzling and exciting  world of NFTs, where art, blockchain, and money intersect. Decode the hype, spot the trends, and learn to discern valuable assets from fleeting fads, positioning you to ride on this new wave of digital wealth creation.


Picture this. You're lounging on the deck of your private yacht, anchored in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean… 

Yes, that is one of the potential life changes we’re creating in this exclusive club… This is the REAL deal… Anyway…

The sun's dipping below the horizon, casting a breathtaking golden glow on the endless ocean around you. You take a moment, inhaling the salty sea breeze, the clink of ice against your crystal glass echoing the gentle lull of waves.

This isn't a vacation. This is your everyday life. A life of unparalleled freedom and autonomy.

How did you get here? You might ask.

You dared to step off the beaten path of traditional investment approaches and more importantly surrounded yourself with the right people.

You dove into a world of rich opportunities. Cryptocurrencies, precious metals, stocks, bonds, mining and exploration - all your playgrounds.

Yet, the journey to this life wasn't always smooth, was it? The feeling of being lost in the labyrinth of investing and trading was all too familiar. You remember the frustration of wading through unverified information, the disorientation amidst market volatility, and the lack of clear-cut guidance. 

But no more.


Uncover surprisingly straightforward ways to navigate the intricate labyrinth of crypto, gold, silver, junior mining stocks, and more.

See how hyped trends and misinformation can lead you down a path of costly mistakes and learn to steer clear.

Learn how chasing the latest trends can undermine your success. And discover exactly which ones you should and should not be chasing based on expert analysis, not hype.

Unearth fast and effective ways to diversify your portfolio beyond traditional assets without feeling lost in the sea of complex jargon and volatile market shifts!

Discover the secrets to identifying potential goldmines, whether they are in cryptocurrencies or mining and exploration... Watch as what seemed like a complicated puzzle suddenly falls into place! And be “in the room” as we do it.

Get an insider's look into what our team is doing and know about pinpointing the next big thing in cryptocurrencies and junior mining!

Learn how to steer clear of the "Misinformation Abyss" – never again will you feel overwhelmed or confused about your investment choices! And you’ll be part of the discussion where we’re breaking this all down.

Unlock fail-safe strategies for mining the treasures of the precious metals sector – you're going to love this!

PLUS, watch your wealth grow in just months (likely sooner than that) – you might even surprise yourself with how fast your life changes.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

Your exclusive Vigilante Insiders Club invitation taps you into our world-class expertise, our experiences, and our game-changing approach to investing and trading. And you’ll do it in real time.

Within just a few weeks, you'll feel like you've been given a roadmap to the hidden treasures of the investing world – that's our promise to you!

We can see you're fired up about breaking free from the boundaries of traditional investment approaches.

We can sense your eagerness to harness the power of cryptocurrencies, precious metals, and the junior mining sector to create unparalleled freedom and autonomy. 

But you're likely asking...

What's the price tag on this?

You've seen those other financial clubs or resources that cost a fortune - $20,000, $25,000, or even $30,000 / year. So, you're probably thinking you'll have to invest at least $15,000 to gain access to this elite circle.

And listen, the Vigilante Insiders Club is worth at least twice that. we’ll show you why in a moment.

Because this isn't just any run-of-the-mill investing group. 

It's the keys to the kingdom for maverick investors and traders, promising you exclusive expert insider analysis and insights, all while saving you from the overwhelming complexity of the market.

You’re getting exclusive access to join us in our research meetings, discussions, and more. 

These are the meetings we have daily with our team to put out our Basic, Premium, and Crypto Vigilante reports and alerts….

It's also the chat the analysts go to discuss life changing trading opportunities… Like Jeff's epic LUNA trade I’m sure you’ve heard about. Here’s what happened…

Basically, two months before LUNA started its nose dive, Mr. Z warned the team about its potential "death spiral". So, when LUNA's value started plummeting, Jeff successfully shorted it, earning significant profits as the cryptocurrency's value crashed from over $100 to less than a dollar.

But here’s the really exciting part…

Noticing an extraordinary opportunity as LUNA neared a near-zero value, Jeff speculated that LUNA might rebound when its automated sales algorithm was inevitably turned off. Jeff bought billions of tokens at the lowest price. Somewhere around $0.0000001.

Upon LUNA's relisting after a one-day delisting, it traded 500 times higher than his purchase price, resulting in an extraordinary 50,000% gain in less than 48 hours. Jeff thinks this could be the best trade in human history.

Because of how fast this all happened, it would be impossible to write it up for the TDV or TCV newsletters. But, this is just one example of what you’re getting with the VIC. Real-time, high-stake discussions and the potential to participate in similarly profitable ventures.

It's also where you’ll get early access to opportunities with potential gains of 1,886%, 2,230%, 33,640%, and even 39,900% that turned $5,000 investments into millions for several of our subscribers.

Like Josh who says, "These guys are amazing! I’ve become a multi-millionaire because of their in-depth studies."

And just wait for the 9,500,000% opportunity I'll talk about in just a minute.

Just take a look at everything you are getting…

Daily Analyst Roll-Up Summaries 

Imagine starting each day with a concise, expertly curated summary of the most important financial news, tailored to the TDV and TCV portfolios. Not just news, but a clear analysis of why it matters to you as an investor. Instead of sifting through countless articles and financial data, let us save you time and stress with this indispensable $5,200 per year value service.

Private Chat Community of World Class Analysts, and other Passionate Investors and Traders

What if you could raise your pressing questions in a private chat room, where world-class analysts are ready to share their insights? Although we do not offer personal investing or trading advice, this platform provides a shared space for learning and exploration, making your investing journey less lonely and far more informed. Be part of an exclusive community of like-minded investors and expert analysts. Share your passion, learn from others, and keep your finger on the pulse of innovative investment strategies. The collective wisdom in this private chat could be your game-changer, a privilege valued at $6,500 per year.

Weekly “Twitter Spaces-style” Private Group Calls in the Telegram group with Rafael and other Analysts

Imagine starting each day with a concise, expertly curated summary of the most important financial news, tailored to the TDV and TCV portfolios. Not just news, but a clear analysis of why it matters to you as an investor. Instead of sifting through countless articles and financial data, let us save you time and stress with this indispensable $5,200 per year value service.

Weekly Roll-Up Email of the Week’s Most Important Items and Alerts

What if you could receive a roll-up email every week, summarizing the most important items and alerts? No need to worry about missing anything vital in the rapidly changing world of investments or in our busy chat rooms. It's like having a personal assistant keeping you organized, a convenience valued at $480 per year.

Free Access to our TDV and TCV Virtual Summits (Min 4 / year) 

Dive into a wealth of wisdom at our TDV and TCV Virtual Summits. Unravel the complexities of the investment world, discover emerging trends, and unlock exclusive insights from top-tier experts. This goldmine of knowledge, typically valued at $1,200 a year, is your complimentary privilege as a member of the Vigilante Insiders Club. Be part of the financial vanguard, armed with insights that set you apart.

Priority Access to TDV Support 

While we always strive to provide the best possible support services, when we have special events, things can get backed up. But regardless of what is going on, rest assured that our Vigilante Insiders Club members will always move up to the front of the queue.It's hard to put a price tag on this level of attention and care, but as a member of our Insiders Club, this premium treatment is your well-deserved right. This feature enhances your experience, streamlines your interactions, and ensures that your journey with us is as smooth and gratifying as possible.

Insider Alerts When BREAKING Opportunities Happen

Imagine getting an alert just as a significant investment opportunity emerges. We’re talking about opportunities like my LUNA trades that could make you millions in a matter of days. We can't promise how many will occur each year, but when they do, they could be worth millions and change your life. This service, giving you the potential for outsized returns, is undervalued at $20,000 per year.

TDV and TCV Newsletters

Membership in the VIC includes our 2 Premium Level Newsletters, TDV Premium and TCV. These newsletters are loaded with exclusive insights on cryptocurrencies, precious metals, and junior mining stocks. It's like receiving a specialized financial magazine that aligns perfectly with your investment interests. This unique source of financial news and insights has a yearly price of $899 but the value FAR exceeds that low price. By the way, here’s your first bit of insider information, that price will be increasing soon. But you’ll get it included and never pay a cent more for it.

That’s a yearly value of AT LEAST $41,314 and that is a massive underestimate since you already know TCV alone is worth way more than the $899 / year we ask for it.

But don't worry. You're not going to pay $41,314. You're not even going to pay $25,000, or even $15,000.

The total investment for 1 year in the Vigilante Insiders Club is only $6,997 / year. BUT WE'LL DO BETTER THAN THAT.

When you act now, as part of our commitment to make 2024 your best year ever, you'll do even better than that.

Take this golden opportunity to be one of our newest members of the Vigilante Investors Club with an introductory investment of just $5,497 for the entire first year.

We're more than confident - we're certain - that the returns on your investment in the first year alone will be so life changing, you'll be eager to reinvest at the full price once the year is up. 

But we don't just want you to take our word for it and are offering you our extraordinary 5x Founders Promise. 

If, for any reason, the profit you generate this year from the invaluable insights you gain from Vigilante Investors Club doesn't blow past the 5x the gap between your introductory payment today and next year’s renewal price - just tell us.

We'll renew your membership at this exclusive rate - the very same rate you're paying today. Plus…

This exceptional guarantee isn't a one-off offer. It's a standing promise, valid for the entire duration of your membership. Either you make 5x the difference between today’s price and the renewal price… Or we’ll renew your membership at this same low rate.

You know a good deal when you see one. If you opted for individual consultations with top-tier financial analysts, you'd be shelling out at least $5,000 per session. (And that's without the promise of a supportive community or the exclusivity that comes with our club.)

Isn't freeing yourself from the frustration and overwhelm of investing and trading worth at least $5,497 to you? 

Absolutely. Not to mention the liberating financial independence you're about to unlock! For example.

How Does a 9,500,000% Gain Sound?

Imagine a move so controversial it could get you ostracized from the crypto community (not to mention even your own team), yet so lucrative it could turn a modest stake into a multi-million dollar windfall. That's the kind of investment our analysts are always hunting for.

For example, senior Analyst Rafael LaVerde spent countless hours researching a sector of crypto most wouldn't touch. His diligence paid off when a new opportunity emerged, aligning perfectly with his contrarian research. 

He secured a position that yielded a mind-boggling 9,500,000% return for our members who listened and acted within the short time window moves like this require. 

That's the power of the uncensored, time sensitive, raw information you can expect from the Vigilante Insiders Club – information most are too afraid to touch, but that has the potential to change lives, including yours. 

And while this play was one for the history books, it's far from an isolated incident. If you're ready to walk the lucrative road of a true profit-seeking capitalist, your seat at the table is waiting.

Still Teetering on the Edge? 

Not yet convinced that the Vigilante Insiders Club is the finest way to break free from the constraints of traditional investing? 

Allow us to make your decision a no-brainer…

Because the perks for our members are far from over. As a bonus you’ll also receive our…

Picture this - a sizzling hot list of 50 altcoins, handpicked and personally invested in by Mr. A himself. These are not just any coins; they're primed for the onset of the impending alt-season, which Mr. A predicts is on the brink of exploding. You’ll get in on the ground floor of these potential moonshots before they skyrocket. Some of these handpicked digital gems could surge anywhere from 50 to a staggering 1,000 times their initial value during bullish runs. If we were to sell this information separately (we won’t) we’d ask at least $995 for it, and that would be a steal.

It's just one of the extras you’ll get because by being a VIC member, you're not just joining a club; you're stepping into an elite inner circle with the kind of access that could make the difference between a decent return and a life-changing portfolio boost. This is the world of crypto like you've never seen it before - unfiltered, uncensored, and unbelievably promising.

Welcome to the Vigilante Insiders Club.

Exclusive: Access to Mr. A's Coveted Hot 50 List of Altcoins

Plus, the other exclusive benefit that our early opening members will receive, is a head start on everyone else who joins in the future (which will always be kept small).

Because in 3 days we're either re-closing  the doors, or opening it to the public but at a higher rate.

But one thing is certain… When the doors reopen, this special early access member’s special will be gone.

You might be wondering, if this is such an amazing opportunity, why are we only opening limited seats?

And that is a valid question. 

To start with, we’ve decided to only open up the Vigilante Insiders Club to a small number of members. After many discussions, we’ve realized that if we make it too large, we can’t have the close connections and discussions that we want to foster.

More importantly, the strategies we’re discussing in this group, like all investing and trading opportunities, lose their value if everyone and their dog is trying to use the same tactics.

We want our inner circle to be able to consistently crush the market time and time again, and we simply couldn’t do that if there were hundreds or thousands of members.

This way, you get a head start and a special price… And we get to make sure our processes are tight and dialed in with a smaller circle.

So it's a win / win for everyone.

Look, if you've ever yearned to navigate the murky waters of investing and trading with confidence and ease, then this is your chance. 

"If there's a shortcut to understanding this complex market, it's definitely being part of the inner circle. It's like being in a room full of top financial analysts in the space, because you are."

Accept your personal invitation to the Vigilante Insiders Club today, and become one of our early access members. Don't hesitate, act now!


Don't miss this chance to lock in our lowest price and become one of our early access members! 

If you act now, your total investment is just $5,497. But remember, this special price will end in 3 days. And then we'll either open to the public at a higher cost, or close the cart until some point in the future.

Click the order button below now to accept this personal invitation on your journey to financial independence.


Go ahead, look around, but we assure you, there’s no better or more affordable way to unlock the secrets this insiders club is opening up to you, and that’s a promise. 

But don’t take too long doing it because on March 19th at midnight EDT, this deal is gone. Depending on when you're reading this, it could be 3 days or a couple hours or less.

Join right now – because you too can break free from the confines of traditional investment approaches while mastering the ins and outs of the cryptos, precious metals, and junior mining stocks!

And remember, your TDV and TCV memberships are included as part of this exclusive club, so when you join, we’ll give you a prorated refund on any time you have remaining.

It was very cool to see you recommending... The coins that you believe have 25 - 100X potential. This is def the kind of investment intel / chart analysis I joined VIC for.  Thanks Bro!


VIC Member

Time is Running Out:



But thanks Rafael! You're making a lot of millionaires man! And changing the world for the better with your vision!


VIC Member

VIC member here.. I joined at first release and it's great. I've made my money back and some extra. Also very cool to have 24/7 access to Jeff and the whole  team. Everything advertised on sales page is what we're getting.  10/10 recommend.


VIC Member

But Jeff, I know $5,497 is an amazing deal, but I just don't have that amount available today.

I completely understand, and that's why we want to offer you the option of financing your first year of membership.

That way, you can get easily started today for a small first payment of only $550.16, and then 11 more easy payments of the same.

Please note, this is 12 month financing of a 1-year program, not a monthly subscription. By choosing this option you are still committing to one year in the VIC, we're just spreading out the payments to make it easier. If you choose to pay off the balance early, we can make arrangements on a one-off basis.

We're trusting that we can trust you to keep your side of this agreement.

At the end of 1 year your membership will not automatically be renewed. You will need to renew at the rate at that time and financing may or may not be available at that time. 

But it is our goal for you to make enough profits that you won't need the financing and renewing your membership will be a no-brainer... So, you know we're committed 100% to making that a reality for you.

I recommend paying the money to join the vigilante insiders club.

It's worth having direct connections between other members and the staff at TCV / TDV.

My crypto moves have almost paid for my membership and I became a member a month and a half ago. Still a long way to go.


VIC Member

The value I've received from this group is magnitudes higher than the small entry cost. 

If a small town farm boy like myself can do it, anyone can. Being a part of this group has been life-changing to say the least. I can't recommend these guys enough.


VIC Member

I want to say I really enjoy this service already, I'm glad you all made this happen. It's very valuable to have the chance to be in the loop with all of you guys and be able to ask you questions directly. 


VIC Member


Watch This Special Message from 

Jeff Berwick